Life Lessons

21 March, 2013

Since storylane is shutting down I thought I’d repost my stories from there. Nothing to do with myths or science, but still…

“It’s not really me though, is it?” I asked Google.

“No, but then you are not really you either. At least, you are not who you were a moment ago, so does it matter that this 13 year old is a construct I created? I based him not only on your memories and the growth structures of your brain’s neural network, but on all those people who had interacted with you up until your 13th birthday.”

He didn’t look like me. When I was 13 digital cameras were rare so I had not been saturated with the idea of what I looked like. I remember one photo and to me, that was what I looked like. Google had found a lot more images to reconstruct me (and probably used some sort of processing on my current looks) so while I am sure it was a more accurate depiction of my younger self it didn’t resonate.

The holoroom we were in was not that big, only a few meters across. Younger me was reading comics and didn’t seem aware of my presence. Robotic dinosaurs were engrossing in a way that an old man from the future clearly wasn’t.

“He wont react until you talk to him.” Google always seemed to know what I was thinking.

“I don’t even know what to say. It’s not real, this won’t change anything. I mean if you had a time machine and I went back to tell myself some life lessons then maybe this would be worth something…”

Google paused for a second before replying.

“We don’t have a time machine. It got stolen by a singing…actually that doesn’t matter. Let’s just say time travel is impossible and leave it at that.”

I can never tell when Google is trying to be funny.

“I know that, I just don’t think I have anything to say. Nothing that makes a difference.”

“That’s OK. It’s just a meme you were tagged with. I can switch off the hologram and you don’t have to record your questions. The socials will understand. Look a new meme is coming in for you already.”

That was good. I couldn’t answer this question – maybe I should work on what life lessons I should tell my 13 year old grandchildren rather than myself. But then what would I know about today that would be useful to them? I still used Google, and hlogged for a hobby. What a relic. 13 year old me shimmered out of existence as the holoroom reset to its defaults.

“OK Google, what’s the next one…”

“It is just this – Tell Any Story.”

That I could do. A story about anything. Anything at all…..hmmmm….

Maybe I’ll just tell a story about robot dinosaurs.


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