Peter vs Simon, the Title Fight (Part 2)

21 December, 2007

(This will make slightly more sense if you read Part 1 first)

Days passed. Peter fasted and healed some blind people while he preached to the returned converts. On the morning of the confrontation Marcellus spoke to Peter. “Oh, Apostle of Christ, I had a vision-dream last night. I saw you on high with a multitude around you. In front of you was a foul woman, Ethiopian by the look of her, filthy, in rags, with a collar around her neck and chains around her feet. She danced and you turned to me saying ‘Marcellus, this dancing woman is the whole of Simon’s power. Kill her.’ And I replied that I could not, for I was a man of peace. Then you said ‘Come then, our true sword, Jesus, will render this evil power dead’. And one like you appeared wielding a sword. He beheaded the woman and then hacked her into pieces, scattering them all around.”

Peter heard the words and smiled. “This is a great omen for us. Truly our living god will be with us today.” The two men and the followers of Christ went then to the Forum where Simon Magus and a crowd were waiting for them. Peter and Simon stepped forward into the ring. The crowd of Romans shouted: “Come Peter, show us your power, for we have seen Simon Magus fly over the walls of the city, but of you we have seen nothing save some odd story about a fish.”

Peter replied: “You say I should prove myself. Behold, Simon remains silent for he knows who I am. It was I, through the power of Christ who drove him from Judea. It was at my feet that Jerusalem fell. It was I who he tried to pay to gain the spirit of the Lord. He knows who I am and he is afraid.”

“Oooooooooooh” said the crowd.

Simon Magus stood his ground, his eyes narrowed. “You talk of gods as if you know them. Can a true god be born, here on this world? Can a true god die? What pettiness, what narrowness your god is. You worship a carpenter and the demiurge, and you shall rot forever in this world.”

“Get on with the fighting!” shouted the crowd, tired of theological debate.

The Prefect then addressed the two spiritual warriors. “Good people, this young man is full of health. Simon Magus, if you can kill him without touching him then truly you are powerful. And Peter, if you can pull him back from death then your god’s power will have been shown.”

A young gullible chap walked into the ring. Simon Magus stepped forward and whispered a killing word in his ear (for he knew the wierding way), and the young man dropped dead. Not to be outdone Peter stepped forward, and raised the boy back to life. A great appluase broke out over the gathering crowd. “This is more like it.” they said to each other.

Then a noble lady who had seen this miracle brought her own dead son, Nicostratus and asked for him to be raised. Simon stepped forward to attempt to bring the man back to life. He put his hands on the body and slowly Nicostratus’ head rose and he looked around. The Prefect was impatient though and pushed Simon to the side whereupon Nicostratus collapsed, looking as dead as when he was brought. “I hadn’t finished.” muttered Simon, whereupon Peter quickly stepped forward and raised Nicostratus fully from realms beyond. The crowd cheered, and the noble lady gave Peter thousands of gold coins. Nicostratus himself then gave thousands of gold coins. All the injured and crippled and those in need of healing rushed to Peter and left Simon Magus alone.

“Wait! People of Rome! I am truly the Son of God! I am He Who Stands, and today I shall stand at the right hand of the true God! Watch as I ascend!” And Simon Magus held out his hands and flew up above Rome, and the people marvelled. The light of heaven shone on Simon Magus, and the clouds parted. The glow of an alternate world fell upon the city and all were caught in awe. All but Peter.

“Lord, dispel the magicks that keep Simon Magus afloat” prayed Peter. And as he prayed, Christ answered, and Simon Magus fell hundreds of feet to the ground. Even so, Simon did not die from such a fall, but his leg was broken in three places. And the fickle crowd, looking at the disgraced Mage lying on the ground grew angry. They picked up stones from around the Forum and threw them at the desperate figure who tried to get away. But his power was held in check by the Lord, and Simon Magus died under a barrage of brick, of stone, of Rock.

“Truly I shall be the Rock of this church” thought Peter. “For I have won the people’s admiration, and you have won only death.”


2 Responses to “Peter vs Simon, the Title Fight (Part 2)”

  1. popscience Says:

    WTF? Who are these people? Why are they so weird and cruel? And how does the baby Jeesus come into all this? I is confused again.

  2. magisteria Says:

    Peter and Simon Magus are characters from the Bible. Peter is reckoned to be the greatest of the twelve disciples of Jesus, and in legend went on to become Bishop of Rome (and is known as the Rock upon which Jesus would build his church).

    Simon Magus is mentioned in one or two passages, but a great deal more of his story is recounted outside of the New Testament (as is a great deal more of Peter’s legendary activities). I’ll do up a post sometime soon about Simon Magus, he’s a great character!

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