Everything is connected.

8 December, 2007

The more I learn, the more I realise how little I know. Any subject I care to look at has deeper and deeper levels of understanding, most of which will remain forever invisible to me. It’s not just a case of reading up on some subject, which we can now do with amazing ease compared to any other generation in history (Wikipedia is my friend), but to really know a subject, to grok it, requires much more time than I have available. Nonetheless, there is so much to know it would be a shame not to try and learn something, and so I dabble in many areas, though my passions are always science, history and religion. And so, in an exercise to get me writing, I will attempt to blog about these various interests.

The more I learn, the more I realise how much the world is connected, even in just a causal way. Any event in history is a product of it’s time, of the environment in which it takes place. The more we know about that environment, the more we can understand the event. So too in science the overlaps of interdisciplinary research inform our views and aid our understanding.

It is often said that explaining a mystery takes away the wonder. But for every thing we now understand we add many more things that we don’t. In this century some of the biggest and most profound questions we have about the universe are ones that could not even have been conceived of for most of human existance. There is enough out there to learn about without ever ending our supply of new wonders.

Writing things down is often said to aid our understanding, and I hope that happens with this blog. Perhaps the more I write, the more I will understand.

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